I come more and more to the conclusion, that many men have an interesting way of thinking. For example, I have heard from many men, possibly all men I have ever met contradicting information — not just guys I meet at the club, also doctors and tech guys I have worked with. Or better said, in general men’s words contradict their actions.
For example, guys have said to me, “I would never do anything you don’t like.” Two seconds later they would try to kiss me, stick their germ infested tongue into me without me ever suggestion to exchange saliva.
Or they say, “I respect you.” Next thing you know he slaps your ass. And I hate my ass being slapped, in fact, I find it degrading and disgusting, of primitive nature.
Or a guys suggests, “I can be friends if you don’t want more,” while he tires to grope my boobs.
I think, I might have an explanation for this typical male behavior. A man’s brain always goes against his dick. Once humanity manages to reunite dick and brain the world could possibly change into a better place.

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