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He asked me during the lap dance, “How can we take this outside of the club?” I answered quickly, “We cannot.” Him not believing his ears, “I mean did you ever meet a customer outside of the club.” Me, “Yes, I did. But I am most likely the hardest girl to ever get a date with. It would take a lot of persistence on your side. ” Him, “Like I would have to come back? ” Me, “Yes.” Him, “How often? ” Me, “Over and over. For example, it took one of my customers over a year for me to meet him outside of the club. He came ever week to see me. I have been on three dates with him now, but there was no kissing, no nothing. Honey, I don’t think you are the type of guy who puts this much effort into a relationship. To be very honest, I don’t think I would ever meet you outside of the club the way I read you.” He looked at me in disbelieve, “Did you just tell me the truth?” Me, “Yes, I did and there’s no reason not to.”
I missed out on another dance with this guy because I told him the truth. But he wasn’t planning on doing more than two dances anyways, so what’s $20? I’d rather tell the truth and miss out on twenty bucks. A good lie would be worth much more!!!!!

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