This type of man thinks he’s a genius. Somewhere, somehow he read or learned that in order to keep a woman interested he needs to create excitement. Therefore he will make lots of promises. He will tell you, “Call me back, I have a surprise, ” or, “When I return from my trip I will bring something special for you,” or, “I have good news for you,” or, “There’s something special I have for you.” Mr. SurpriseMan’s surprises are endless, exciting sounding promises. The only problem with this type is that he never has a surprise nor good news. He’s just making it up without following through. Basically, this man is full of shit without being smart enough to realize how this type of “excitement creating” behavior will take effect on how women view him sooner than later.
You can compare it with a dog trainer who bribes a dog with a treat into sitting down. But any time the dog sits the dog trainer won’t give him the treat. Guess what the dog will do very quickly: turn its back to the bad dog trainer and walk away from the fake treat.
And the same happens to Mr. SurpriseMan. He becomes more boring with every fake promise he gives and women turn their noses up in disgust just thinking about him.

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