So far I have determined that there are two types of activities a human can engage into:
1.) Useful activities
2.) Useless activities
The useful activities are the ones that nurture you energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and they bring you to a higher level. They are not always pleasant. Useful activities can in fact be very demanding on your body, mind, and spirit, but in the end, they will give much in return.
Useless activities on the other hand are draining, and often, they take your attention away from the useful activities, but sometimes useless activities are necessary in order to fuel useful activities. However, often, people hide behind useless activities in order to avoid the useful activities. For example, they help someone over and over without being appreciated or acknowledged for it, and all this time, is spent on something that has no use for the person who is investing their time into it, but it distracts them from focusing on what would be useful to them. Most of the time, this type of useless activity is pursued out of fear of facing what you should do in regards to yourself. But sometimes, you are also tricked into useless activities thinking they are useful, meanwhile only the other person benefits from it.
Of course, no matter what you do and who you help, you always learn. However, I think it’s best to focus on useful activities and limit useless activities to a the absolute minimum. You don’t want to do anything in life that is particularly energetically draining. Instead, you want to focus on spiritual, emotional, energetic, and mental growth through useful activities.

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