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It has come to my attention, through men that have talked about dating when they visit the strip club, that a kiss now a days compares to a hand shake. In fact, many of the men I have talked to admitted that they won’t see a girl for a second date if heavy making out didn’t happen on the first date. I have also experienced that men that took me on a date expected a kiss on the first or second date — which is not going to happen. It also explains why many men think kissing in a lap dance is normal and some of them are wired with an uncontrollable kissing reflex which often leads to air kissing since an experienced dancer knows how to escape unwanted fluid exchange.
In my opinion, kissing is something very special and should not be practiced frivolously. If you think about it there’s not that much difference between sticking a tongue into someones mouth or your dick into a vagina. You can even transmit some of the same diseases as well as gum diseases, the flu, a common cold, and some STDs. Please kiss responsibly. And ladies if he’s not willing to wait then you should kiss his ass good-bye.

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