In the end, the geek, the nice guy, the rather boring guy will get the girl. He might’ve not gotten laid as often as the rock star, the cool or hip guy, but he will get the girl — especially the one that has dated too many jerks and is fed up with cool and hip. The geek will build a meaningful life with her, procreate and spread his seed, make history, and live happily ever after. And even if his happily ever after isn’t as smooth and easy as we think it should be. Even if the girl is a difficult, moody, demanding woman (like all of us women are and should be) the geek’s life will be much more fulfilled than the cool guy’s life. Getting old with a bitch is for most men the better choice than getting old alone. On your death bed it won’t matter how many people you had sex with, but what will matter is how you treated the people you loved and who loved you, what memories you will leave them with, and how you influence their lives even when you have crossed over. And trust me, the nice guy will win when it comes to the things that really matter.

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