Dating for men now a days seems to have morphed into something very different than it used to be. And so called relationship experts who specialize in making a man irresistible cash in on selling their secret, bullet-proved formula to get the girl. Following this formula of dating means really trying to get laid by lying.
This issue has come to my attention due to several guys trying to go out on dates with me and behaving similarly. I then discussed my issue with Mr. StripperSense, and he found this article which is talking about a sure-fire way to get a girl by “cutting the supply off.” Meaning, the guy in question is advised to come late to dates, cut the dates short, and leave early. He’s also suppose to keep phone calls to a minimum and create with this tactic a mystery around him.
On my search in regards to this subject I also came across the book “How to Be the Jerk Women Love” by F.J.Shark. This book can be bought for $118-$303 on Amazon. One of the readers who writes an extensive positive review on it says the book will teach a man how to be
1. unpredictable, yet goal-oriented
2. spontaneous, yet plans dates
3. adventurous, yet in control
4. aggressive , yet cool and mellow
5. mysterious, yet their best friend
The reader thinks these are all qualities a rock musician has and girls fall for them.
If you ask me for my opinion then I have to tell you honestly that if a man behaves in any way like this I will think he’s a psychopath; contradicting behavior in a man will not make me attracted to him. Further more, with the advice that’s given — even if it were of value, the problem is that 99% of men did not study method acting and therefore they are bad actors. Pretending to be someone you’re not is very much unattractive for a woman with intuition and a little bit of brains. Of course, when it comes to guys who reach for primitive tools like this they most likely do not care about the intelligence factor of the particular woman. They are solely interested in the fuckability of her, which again makes them very unattractive.
But what bothers me the most about these “relationship experts” is that they are men themselves. And how can a man know what a woman goes for? None of them mentions authenticity. I myself like men who are true to themselves which you rarely find these days because every idiot seems to have read some type of dating formula bullshit.
And one more thing, these books and articles only talk about what the guy should do, they don’t teach men how to be more intuitive with women.
As for my contenders who are trying to get into my pants it’s not going to happen, sorry, but I would be willing to coach them for financial reimbursement how to get the next girl of their choice.
So the next time you spent $200 or more on a “How to Get Laid” book I recommend opening to the center page, placing your cock in the book, and fuck it … because you are all April Fools!!!

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