I caught the young gentleman’s eye right away when he walked into the club. We had decent conversation, and you just know when you have a thing for each other. I didn’t have to wait long for him to ask me to do a private dance for him. He was young and rather insecure. I enjoyed dancing for him very much, and it was obvious he enjoyed my company as well. When I mean obvious, I am talking about male, physical signs you cannot hide when they pop up. Tight jeans will reveal much, but even lose clothing cannot hide when a guy is … let’s call it invigorated.
The young man’s budget was limited, and after a few dances he could not afford me for longer. He hesitantly declined another dance. He possibly thought it hurt my feelings but what he said made me cringe, “You did though a good job.” Pleaaaaseeee guys don’t do that to us dancers. It’s like telling a woman after you had sex with her she did a good job. And in case you have done this before take my advice and zip it.

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