I have come across this customer type several times in my career. He is afraid to give me his name and makes a big secret out of his profession. Some of these guys have even developed an alias strip club name to keep their identity protected from us very dangerous strippers. These men think since we have a dancers name they should have a customers name as well. This type is convinced he needs to stay protected from us stripper because we could hunt him down on Facebook, stalk him at work, even blackmail him especially if he’s married.
When I meet a guy like this I have to laugh internally. Mr. BigSecret is never truly important nor comes close to a celebrity status. But in his delusional mind he does, plus he thinks it will make him more attractive being secretive and mysterious. Yeah, because there aren’t enough delusional man to choose from, and I have nothing better to do than to look him up on social media so I can start threatening him if he doesn’t marry me. Mr. BigSecret obviously needs to get a life!

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