He was bragging, “I love women, I just love them.” I asked him, “What do you like about women?” Him, “Everything.” Me digging deeper, “Like what?” Him excited, “Everything we men don’t have. The boobs, the fingernails, the hair, the lipstick, the heels … I don’t really have a type. I like all women.” I have met many men like that who appreciate women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity. But I wondered, “Since you have no specific type is there anything you don’t like in a woman. Something that’s an instant deal breaker?” He had to think hard but then he came back with, “If she’s dirty. I don’t like that.” Me curious, “How do you know she’s dirty?” Him convinced, ” Well, if a girl wears makeup, has painter finger- and toenails she takes care of herself. It’s easy to spot a girl with bad hygiene.”
I kept my mouth shut, but what Mr. ILoveAll doesn’t know is that I have seen many girl paint right over the dirt collected under their fingernails. Nail polish will cover it up. I have seen girls use dirty makeup brushes that must’ve not been cleaned for a decade or use their hands right off the stage or street to do their makeup without washing their hands. I have seen shoes and panties come off from the most well put together girls, and the smell I endured was nothing a woman should smell like. The bare eye will be often tricked into believing something. The truth is mostly revealed when you become aware of things you cannot see 😉

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