Most men I have talked to will say at some point, “I don’t lie.” Explanations like, “I don’t lie because life is already complicated enough,” or, “I don’t lie because it’s hard to remember what you lied about,” are very common. I find that exactly these men are most prone to lying. Some men lie on purpose, others are completely unaware of lying, others contradict themselves in the same sentence just like our new king Trump does.
When someone tells you, he’s not lying be very careful. Because why say it if you aren’t accused of it. I call it liar’s prevention. They think if they assure you ahead of time, before they lie, that you won’t catch them in the lie. Most of these IDon’tLie candidates are the biggest as well as worst liars. And really, if you are honest with yourself, we all lie, or tweak the truth, or change it a little bit to make it sound a little better or to hide certain things — sometimes things you have to hide because exposing your vulnerability wouldn’t be smart in that moment.
When it comes down to men they all lie. Some are convinced their lies are the truth. Some lie purposefully to get what they want. Others are in such denial about life that their entire life is a lie.
And while all men lie, I’d say most people lie at least a little bit. Women and children lie for other reasons than men, but in the end we are not a society based on truth.

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