We had done three private dances in the lap dance room, and he wanted to take a break. He looked me deep into my blue eyes and said with all sincerity, “I would give you all the cash in my wallet to spend the night with me.” Not that it is an option, but I was curious and had to ask, “How much cash is in your wallet?” He looked again straight into my eyes without flinching, “Trust me, a lot, and I mean a lot of money.” We went out to grab a drink, and shortly, he decided he wanted another private dance with me. Off we went and did another dance. When he reached into his pocket for his wallet to pay me he startled and said, “Oh my God, I dropped my wallet outside.” We went to look for the wallet, asked the bar tender, the bouncer no wallet had been found. Another club employee walked past him and saw he was disturbed. He asked the customer, “What’s going on.” Mr. WalletLoser highly stressed, “I dropped my wallet and it’s gone.” The bar employee replied, “I found it.” He had stored it behind the bar and gave it back to Mr. WalletLoser who was obviously relieved. As he went through his wallet to check if anything was stolen I saw all his credit cards, drivers license, and some cash. He nodded happily and said, “It’s all there. Let’s go and do another dance.” Me, “Wait a minute, don’t you at least want to give the wallet finder a tip for saving it and returning it honestly.” Him, “Oh ja ja, thank you for telling me. “And he pulled out measly $4. I was shocked. He should’ve at least given the honest finder $20 considering all the trouble he would’ve gone through if his wallet would’ve not been returned. But then he said, “I would’ve given him more but I have only $20 left, and I want to do one last dance with you!” Wait a minute, what happened to “a lot of cash” in his wallet to spend the night with me, or did he think $40 was a lot to have sex with a random guy and spend an entire night of my life with a stranger.
Most people lie a lot. Not just to others, mainly to themselves.

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