The main difference between strippers and non-strippers is that we openly admit that cheap men do not get us wet. We are more accepting of the primal side of humanity because we deal with it all the time. We see men in their Neanderthal mode on a daily or nightly basis, and it is our reality and part of survival. When I see, when dealing with men outside of the club, that he doesn’t have me covered, wants to split the bill, will only spend the minimum (and trust me I am a cheap date since I don’t drink and food doesn’t define me at all), or is happy and feels like he hit the jackpot because he got such a wallet friendly dinner with me, I am instantly turned off. Unfortunately, most men do not understand that we moved beyond the ‘food in exchange for sex’ stone age ritual, and on top of that the internet got many men confused thinking everything is fast and free.

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