R. Kennedy is a dear friend of mine who has never worked as a stripper, yet, she has once visited me at work. One day she sent me this message, and it is amazing to me how she summed it up so well, without having ever worked in a strip club, “Men who visit strip clubs are being lend wings to their sexual fantasies. They think that women who work there only do it because they have nymphomaniac  tendencies, and they have fun with sex regardless if it’s with a man or a woman. They know that there are certain rules of the game in the clubs, which in their opinion just hinder the dancer to follow her real desires, wants, and needs. That’s why these men are trying to meet you dancers outside of the club. They don’t think very far when they request to meet outside of the club, and it is really irreverent towards the woman.”
Of course, not all men are the same but most of them fit R. Kennedy’s profile description.

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