When he arrived with his friends he walked straight up to me to say, “Hello.” Then he told me right away, “We are going to sit down and have some fun. See you later.” To me this meant he was not wanting my company, and I respect the choices of my customers. Sometimes, they speak in codes trying to be polite. Another gentleman walked in, and we disappeared fairly quickly into the lap dance room.  While I was dancing for the gentleman, Mr. CodeSpeaker walked in with another girl. I thought, oh maybe this is his girl, and he came to visit her. He did one dance with her. When I finally walked out of the lap dance room Mr. CodeSpeaker literally attacked me. He said, “You were in there forever.” Me, “Yes, I was usually am.” I was joking, ” Are you ready for your lap dance?” Him, “Yeeeeees, I’ve been waiting for you all night long. I miss you, and hoped we can spend some time together.” Off we went to do dances. But I couldn’t stop thinking how strange men communicate now a days. Often, they reject you thinking you would come after them harder. Or they are afraid to show you that they like you. Fear of rejection can cause them to speak in code as well. Kind of like aliens. The only problem is that each guy speaks in his own code, and who on earth can figure out all the unique codes and signals they are sending. It would be very confusing if we wouldn’t know one thing for sure: in the end, they all want the same thing. Even if they are not attracted to you, they still want to fuck.

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