He told me, “She was really rude to me last time I visited. She cussed me out. She’s crazy.” I was surprised, ” You just bought her a wine and tipped her on stage. Why would you do that if she was abusive to you last time you visited.” Him very proud feeling like the chosen one, “Oh, I know that Emma, and we have a very special connection. From the beginning on she treated me rough like she doesn’t like me. But I know she’s really in love with me and tries to hide it by being a little rude.” It slipped my lips, ” Oh, Emma? She does that with everybody. She will also slap you in a lap dance if you like it.” Luckily, the music was too loud, and he didn’t pick up what I said. He asked me several times to repeat it, but I just said, “Oh, never mind.”
It is interesting to me how customers misinterpret the gimmicks some girls use to set themselves apart. Meanwhile it’s just their thing and has nothing to do with how a dancer feels about a customer.

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