He said to me, “I had a really good time at the club yesterday.” He is a regular customer that visits frequently. I said, “Yes, yesterday was fun. Do you have nights here that aren’t fun?” He explained, “Yes, sometimes it’s just no fun at all. Then I just leave.”  I wanted to know more about what he felt, so I asked, “What do you think is different on nights that are fun?” He didn’t really know what to say. I reformulated the question because I felt he confirmed something I have always felt, “Do you feel there’s a trend during the nights at the club that affects the overall experience. “Him, “Absolutely yes!”
I have noticed for years now that there’s a strong energetic component to the club experience. Some nights are filled with laughter, lightness, good conversations, and fun. Others can be daunting, customers are rude and difficult to even just have a conversation with. I believe energies are the most powerful things that affect every species on this planet, and we take it on easily. In the strip club they usually surface magnified. When the energy trends happy you take the ride and enjoy it. When you notice there’s an angry or rude trend you lay low, watch your back, and make sure to work safely. Being aware of the fact that energies can have a ripple effect will keep you safe and make sure you make the best out of what the universe presents you with.

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