He was in his early fifties. A well put together business man visiting Los Angeles on business. The minute he saw me he was set on me. He told me all about his wife who is dealing with an eating disorder. He told me how his life had become bitter, and how he was trying to escape from all of these responsibilities. And then he did escape. From one second to the other I became his savior. He wanted to run away with me to Croatia, build a new future with me. He said it was OK if I wouldn’t work when we would relocate to Europe. He would take care of me. And he did take care of me that night. He spent a lot of money on me. He at least paid me well to listen to his delusional run away love story with me. Of course, he said he would marry me — forgetting that he was already married. He lived his fantasy in the very few hours of his visit to the strip club. He lived it in full force. When we said good-bye his eyes filled with tears. It was as if lovers part, as if he had to go back to war. And I assume he did go back to war, he went back to his life.
Most of the time, these type of customers never return.
And although, I have encountered the delusional run away lover many times in my career as a stripper, I most likely will never wrap my head around how men can dive into such a deep fantasy world for the duration of their visit at the strip club. How is it possible that they can convince themselves for some hours that their fantasy is true? And how can they leave and just go back to their miserable existence without even twitching. Or maybe they do twitch …

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