Just recently, I had given in to one of my regular customer’s persistent begging to contact him via phone. The man, or should I call him boy due to his immature behavior, has been after me for over a year now, and on January 1st, I felt merciful and wished him a happy New Year. There was an interesting opportunity as well to work creatively with him, so I gave in. We had met once previously to exchange work matters, and it had been a pleasant coffee meeting. He had just gotten married, so I assumed, there was no misconception about our relationship. It was clear a work relationship was possible maybe developing into a friendship, or should I rather call it buddy-hood. On Saturday, he invited me the second time to join him to visit a museum. My work schedule on the weekends is way too busy and such adventure isn’t really possible unless I put serious planning into it, which I didn’t. So I declined politely, and he suggested, a coffee meeting after he was done at the museum. I agreed and thought we would push creatively forward. When he asked me if I wanted to have dinner instead of coffee I text him, “Either way is fine with me. I just would like to stay close by.” In general, I do not drive more than 10 minutes to meet a friend, male or female. Well, apparently working together ‘creatively’ meant something very different to him. He ended up inviting himself to me house and suggested we should cook together. My answer to his suggestion was simply, “HaHa. ” And with that my intentions to meet him ever again were wiped out — yes, we women do decide quickly. The imbecile thought he was funny when he replied, “That would be really close by ;-).” I think his humor is strange but funny, however, the rudeness and entitlement about it are a complete turn off. I will allow him to continue to see me at the club, but from here on it is back to strict customer — stripper relationship. He’s granted to be in my company if he pays for it in cash.
The question is why we strippers still get duped by little fuckers like this? We are still human, despite being washed with all waters and used to all sort of male tricks. Sometimes, it is just so hard to believe that another human could think you are so stupid. But we learn daily.

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