I don’t think in any other profession than stripping you encounter as many awkward people. The strip club has a huge turn around on awkwardness, especially, in regards to the male gender. A therapist gets people that are aware that they need help. In the strip club there’s no filter. In fact, the dangerous thing is that many of the strangely wired men have no clue that they would benefit from professional, psychological therapy. Some of them think they are shy and they voice it. But when I hear from a customer, “I am shy,” a red flag goes up. Shy often mean sick and full of shit without having any self-awareness nor being able to consider the other person’s feelings. Strippers deal with many deeply damaged men. Often, they feel entitled on top of being awkward. The unaware ones are the most dangerous type. Outside of the strip club these socially inept people still contain themselves, but inside the strip club they feel safe and secure to let it all out unfiltered. None of us gets paid enough to reimburse us for the social work we actually do during a night of stripping. Additionally, to earning what we earn we should get an hourly pay funded by the government for the work we do and for how much shit we put up with from the sick motherfuckers who then leave to function right again, treat their wives the way they should, and resist the urge to hurt a non-stripper to then just come back whenever their awkwardness overwhelms them to get their stripper fix. Strippers are half naked sometimes even naked therapists. And what we do for society should put us into one of the most respected professions on this planet.

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