Most men at least dare to dream about dating a stripper. We are the fantasy of men. Being a stripper means sexually liberated, in touch with your body, owning your sensuality and sexuality. We portrait what most men want to have, and many come after us like a whaler after a whale. But just like with whale hunting it often ends bad, for the whale as well as for the whaler — his karma will be altered and his self-confidence will be destroyed. Most men do not manage to treat the woman they lusted after and who seemed to be impossible to get right. When they reach the impossible, when a stripper does fall for a man, he usually cannot manage to live up to his newly achieved success: dating a stripper!
When you meet a woman in the strip club you will need to understand that she will always be a stripper and live the standard of a stripper. If you want to keep her you cannot stop going to visit her at the club. This is one of the biggest mistakes men do when they finally got a dancer to go out with them. They stop doing what they did. Now they think they are beyond and above the strip club visits. They feel they have upgraded. And that is the fatal mistake. If you want to keep her you will have to understand that stripping is part of her, part of how she expresses her sensuality, and it needs to be part of how you continue to treat her unless she tells you different and doesn’t want you in the strip club anymore. But if she granted you to see her outside of the club you will have to continue to go there, spend money on her, in fact, now you should visit more often not less. You will need to be able not to interfere with her business — your jealousy has no place in her work space — yet, continue with what you were in the first place: her admirer and customer who did everything possible to get her to see you outside of the club. Further more, you will need to be able to show clearly in the club that she is your “girl,” but not as in your girlfriend, as in your stripper girl. You can only have eyes for her and only her. You can tip other girls but it needs to be clear you tip her more, and she stands out for you. All women want to feel special, and if you date a stripper it means you need to figure out how to make her feel special in her world, the world inside and outside of the club. And I know, that is a lot to manage for a simple man. Most men don’t even manage to make a non-stripper feel special. So be careful what you wish for. Dating a stripper takes a lot of effort, imagination, courage, energy (you might work during the day, she might work during the night), ability to navigate and create adventure. It is like dating an ueber-woman. And while the reward is priceless the effort might be overwhelming. Before actually taking steps to date a stripper take a honest look at yourself and figure out if you could really handle it.

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