I always believed in magic. I used it from childhood on to protect myself, my family, and sometimes, to avenge myself. What I never believed in was creature that live beyond this earth. I did believe in God, but I never thought there was more. Maybe angels. But that’s it. When I was in my 20s I met a very spiritual man who was in his 60s. He taught me a lot and a friendship developed. But one day, he told me he was getting signs through numbers from aliens. It scared me, and I stepped away from the friendship not knowing what to do with his confession. I thought he was crazy. Many, many years later I myself started seeing things. Not just my usual premonitions I am used to. I saw more. I saw repeating numbers just like my friend saw. Letter combinations, and … I saw that there was more than just what we see with the bare eye. Today, I even believe in aliens. In angels amongst us. I believe in things others don’t believe in. Not because I am just a believer. Because I have seen them, talked to them, caught their silhouette in a shadow, I have even been on a date with an alien. Call me crazy not not. But know, in Iceland, if you admit you don’t believe in fairies, ogres, elves, and others you’re not allowed to sit at the same table and eat with everybody.

Kristen Wright Photographs

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