He was sitting close to the stage at one of the tables with his arms crossed sucking on a red bull. A balding, overweight Persian guy in his thirties. First, he talked about working out, and that back then he was in the best shape of his life. Blahhhhhh blahhhhhh. Then he started criticizing the girl on stage, “You know this girl has a pretty nice booty, but she needs to do some squats. What do you think?” He tried to get me to talk bad about one of my co-strippers, but instead I said to him, “I think she looks terrific. She’s gorgeous.” Him obnoxiously, “I am not saying she is ugly, but if she would start doing some squats it would lift her ass, and she would look much better.” As my eyes wondered down his fat belly I replied, “Well, there is always room for improvement …” He tapped his belly and tried laughing it off, “Oh ja, ha ha ha like my belly too, ha ha ha.” I know I could’ve squeezed more money out of this guy, even gotten a lap dance from him if I would’ve played along degrading women. But I didn’t want to, plus I didn’t want a dance from him. I knew he was a dirty bastard, and I didn’t have to wait too long to prove my intuition right. Him going at it again, “So, in a lap dance, do you sometimes get really turned on.” I nodded. He thought it was an answer to his question but it wasn’t. Then he goes on, “What then?” Me acting like I am stupid, “What do you mean?” Him thinking I was really asking, “What do you do then when you are really horny? Do you go home and get yourself off? With your hands or fingers?” If I wanted to dance for this guy I could’ve told him that if he wants to talk dirty we can go do that during a lap dance. But I wasn’t interested, so I replied, “That’s my secret.”
It amazes me how rude some men can be to us strippers. They say and ask things they wouldn’t dare to ask anybody else.

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