It seems, that women, as they get older, have to prove their value more and more. I can see it on the media, and I feel it in the strip club. If you are not one of the young chicks then it’s all about, “I can do this despite being older,” or, “I can do what the young chick can’t do.” Sometimes, it feels as if people are amazed you can still walk if you approach 40. What is it with the age thing? It seems in other culture the old are valued as the wise and experienced. We all learn from people with more experience and many could avoid disasters listening to the elderly. But in this day and age, the elderly are safely put away into old people’s homes. Maybe, so we don’t have to face on a daily basis how we might become sooner than later.
In any case, it is socially very accepted when an older gentleman dates a much younger woman. But a younger man dating an older woman, a cougar, is definitely linked to a psychological issue like a mommy complex. Also, we women are expected to hide the signs of aging like grey hair and wrinkles while no such thing is expected from men.
But I am not writing this post because I want to point out how unfair things are for women. I am writing this post because I would love for people to stop putting limitations on age. When it comes to attraction, passion, love, and relationships everything should go when both partners find happiness in it. And with age comes experience, independence, and knowing what you want. That at least applies to women 😉

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