They caught my eye right away the minute they walked into the club, although, I was busy with another customer. On Valentine’s Day more couples visit the strip club than on ordinary nights. It seems to be the sexy date out, but this couple didn’t look at all like that. He was smiling happily but insecure. She held her head low and seemed obviously very uncomfortable to be in this type of establishment.
They took a seat in one of the booths. It felt as if she wished she could disappear, become invisible, and have this moment just go away. When he got up to gt them drinks our eyes crossed, and he gave me a giant smile. I said to him, “Happy Valentine’s Day. How is your date going?” It almost seemed as if he was relieved, “It’s …eeehhhh…going OK. So far so good.” While he was at the bar I couldn’t help it but walk over to her sitting alone with her head bowed down. I introduced myself and asked her, “How are you doing? Are you OK?” She said, “Noooooo, I am not OK.” Me, “Why, what’s going on?” Her, “I am here for my husband. I don’t want to be here.” I told her in a serious voice, “Well, if you don’t like to be here then let’s find a way to make him leave and take you out of here ASAP.” Her eyes brightened up, and she looked at me, “Really?” I said, “Yeeeees, I don’t want you to be here if you don’t want to be here. It’s no fun for anybody.” She said, “But I am here for my husband. It’s his fantasy and wish for his Valentine’s date.” I asked, “How long are you guys married, and how many kids?” Her starting to engage and feeling a bit more comfortable now, “We are married for 34 years now. We have four kids.” I was amazed. And I told her, “You have to understand, “All of us women who work here do it to take care of our families and ourselves. Some of us have children too. We all want to be here.” Her getting curious, “You like dancing here?” Me, “I love dancing here. I love this club, I love that I choose who I talk to and dance for. Yes, I feel fortunate to dance here, and I love my job as a dancer.” Her husband came back, and I told him I could do a dance for his wife to teach her how to give him a lap dance. They started talking in a foreign language that I couldn’t identify since the music was too loud. They were discussing something important, till she told me, “You can do a dance for him. Not for me.” I said, “No, I don’t want to dance for your husband, thank you.” Her in disbelieve, “Really? Why not?” Me explaining, “Because obviously it wouldn’t make you happy. It would hurt your feelings, and I am not interested in that. It’s not worth it.” Then he pitched in, “And I don’t want a dance without my wife. I brought her here because it’s my fantasy for many, many years now to have a dance with her. She is part of my fantasy. Don’t understand me wrong, I love women. They are the most beautiful thing ever. But without her it’s not what I desire, she is the most important part of my fantasy.” I turned to her and told her, “Many and most fantasies men have are often better than reality. And sometimes it’s better to keep it a fantasy.” He yelled from excitement feeling understood, “Exactly, it’s better than reality. She’s so perfect for me. I love her so much I give my life for her. This is just a fantasy, but it’s part of who I am, and I brought her here to share it with her, and show her that it is not threatening.” She took a sip of her drink, and then she said, “I want it. I want a dance with my husband from you. Let’s go.” It was the best dance I ever gave. We had a blast. He was happy, she was happy, and I was happy because I made two people happy. He got his fantasy, she was liberated being part of his fantasy, and they made me believe true love does exist. She loved him enough to go along and even visit the strip club. He loved her enough to just let her be and see where it went. And in the end, we all had a blast.
I sat with them till the night was over, and she said to me, “You made our night. It was the best Valentine I ever had. Thank you.” They made my night too. Because they made me believe that love might be possible, even after 34 years of marriage if both partners are willing to compromise and love the other person more than themselves.

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