I have never been a fan of watching sports. To me it always seemed like a waste of time. On top of continuing a sedentary lifestyle when watching other people play sports most spectators will stuff themselves with unhealthy foods and snacks to top it off with beer or other alcoholic beverages. I understand playing sports but watching others play never made much sense to me. But I never cared much about it.
However, the 2017 super bowl seemed especially bizarre to me. Considering what’s politically going on in the world it seemed like a numbing tool to keep the masses’ brains dull. Watching healthy men beat each other up while running after an egg shaped ball while the masses are cheering and screaming reminds me of the gladiators. These organized games were very similar to a football game considering the injuries these athletes take away from their careers. Of course, in our day and age they get a lot of money for the beating they take and nobody is hurt seriously most of the time — maybe. But the violence and competition is not much different. When you watch TV or most movies the blood is flowing, people are shot, tortured, executed … It’s called an action movie but it’s much like when people watched live executions in the middle ages. Did you know that your brain doesn’t distinguish between fake and real violence and murder? A violent video game or movie will be processed in your sleep just as if it really happened. Maybe humanity hasn’t much evolved.
But back to the super bowl. I would not even write about it if it wasn’t discussed on the radio all day today. Really? How spectacular it was and how much money was spent on the commercials. Great distraction from what’s really happening in the world. Not to mention how much positive change could’ve been accomplished with the millions that were spent on bullshit advertising. Lives could’ve been saved — animals, children, families. The environment could’ve been affected positively with this money. Education could’ve been fueled. But no, the money was spent on our modern gladiators and advertising bullshit the spectator are going to have to buy because these great commercials brain washed them into believing what you need for living a happy life. Long live the super bowl!

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