It doesn’t just happen in strip clubs, but of course, we get a concentration of this phenomena since we meet many married men during one shift and have a bigger turn around at the club. But in general, many men change the name of their wife when they meet a beautiful woman. Before entering the club they sometimes make the effort to take their wedding ring off but most of them don’t seem to bother when re-naming their other half.
Here are just a few wife replacement words I have heard from different men.
My mother, my boss, my cousin, the lady next door I help out, my ex-wife, my aunt.
My personal favorite is “friends.” The wife turns into friends. The commitments and responsibilities come out of being a good, reliable buddy not wanting to flake on your arrangements and promises with your friends. So this wife replacement word hits two flies with one strike. It camouflages the wife and shows the other woman you talk to what an honorable person you are. Well, let’s hope they are somehow friends in some way.
Typically, you would go with your boss, cousin, or friend to the strip club but these fictitious people never show up.
The next time, you are in the strip club don’t bother crafting stories about your wife especially if you are wearing your ring. We have heard it all, and we understand your dilemma. You are not going to get laid no matter how many ‘friends’ you have.

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