My young admirer asked me, “Do you really think all men are equal in terms of relations with others? I would like to know for my own, personal development.” I told him what I think is true, “I believe the majority men want to do ‘the right thing’ — which is mostly determined by their upbringing. In our culture exactly that is usually the cause of conflicts. How can you stay true to doing the right thing when a man’s biggest fear is commitment, losing his freedom, and being stuck with one woman? Being a husband or even good boyfriend burdens men with many responsibilities which goes against a man’s genetics.”
This is a big topic. I see men of all ages being torn about what they want to do and what they should do. They lie to cover up their secret desires and urges. They think if they camouflage their true nature it won’t be so bad, yet, that exactly makes it worse. Rarely do I meet a man who has the balls to admit his demons. ‘Doing the right thing’ seems to be ingrained into their DNA maybe through their mothers and how they raised their sons. When they think they do the right thing and hide the wrong thing, then that is when they do the most damage. It is time for men to liberate, get to know themselves, look inward, and admit their fear. But I don’t think men are ready yet. Only women could trigger that change, but women haven’t discovered their full power yet.

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