I am not sure if this applies to other countries. I can only speak for the United States, and the men that I have met here. I don’t know where they learn this, who tells them to do this, where they see it done (maybe this is a practice in porn — I wouldn’t know since I don’t watch porn, and my friends that do never mentioned ear aspiration). But here is a stripper’s honest take on the practice of ear aspiration. Exhaling into a woman’s ear will lead to condensation inside of her ear. It is a wet, clammy feeling that could be compared to a baby’s wet diaper. And you know what babies do when they peed and have to sit in wet diapers. They cry because it doesn’t feel good. The same applies to ear aspiration. There is nothing about it that would turn you on, in fact, when a man steams my ear in general a bad smell accompanies the experience. So it feels as if he didn’t just pee into my ear, on top of that he took a dump into my ear because his breath is bad — from drinking bear if not from bad hygiene. It has happened to me many times that a guy in a lap dance steams my ear. Of course, I move away as quickly as possible without trying to ruin the sensuality of my dance, but I still cannot help feel like this is some form of ear raping. I think of these men as lovers and if they practice this common ear aspiration technique on their other half, and maybe they wonder why she’s pulling back more and more. Please, if you think ear aspiration is a turn on for your partner clarify with them if they are into it because chances are they are not.
And if you ever get lucky enough to get a lap dance from me, please refrain from this very strange practice. It doesn’t turn me on nor is there any benefit to it except that the company that sells the organic sanitizing wipes I use makes a fortune on me since I have to sanitize me ears frequently due to increase of ear aspiration or you could also call it ear raping.
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Or watch http://vimeo.com/59749732

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