Everybody thinks stripping is easy money. It just falls from the sky. “You won’t make as much money as you will dancing!” That’s what they all say. Well, the people that have never worked as a stripper say that. They live in their delusional fantasy about my job.
Nobody understands how hard this profession is. No matter how fit you are, the problem is that you dance during the times where you are suppose to rest and sleep. On top of that you deal with all the psychological issues of the customers.
The club brings out the demons. This is where they can be who they truly are. The masques come down the second they step through the strip club door. The ogres and monsters reveal.
And we dancers put up with it so they can go back home and function again after they let their demons rage for an hour or two or more … You can never earn enough money to make it right. Never!

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