After the Holidays, it always gets quiet in the club. The husbands spent their money trying to make their wives and kids happy. Thanksgiving, Hanuka, Christmas, and New Years celebration have taken a toll on the men’s wallets, and of course, we strippers get to feel it. Some of them still come to get our attention complaining and whining about how bad business is, how broke they are, how much this and that cost. They expect pity attention, some even think they can get the pity sex since none of it is found at home.
With the taxes in mind even the richest of the rich sit tight on their wallets and expect a free show. Everybody is aware of how much money goes out the door for this and that. Everybody is afraid of how much more they are going to have to put out and give the government.
And then of course, the cold weather strikes. People are more prone to depression and not willing to leave the house. The snow and rain storms hit and with that the desire for a cold beer goes down. They rather drink a hot Tottie at home.
Not to mention the flu epidemic is currently raging and on top of that Trump has struck. People are angry rather than looking for passion, adventure, sensuality, or excitement.
But we strippers are there. We are ready to entertain. Not even Trump can squelch our desire to dance. We, our children, fury or not, need to live, eat, breathe … the show must go on …

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