It is fascinating to me how your friends, the people you spend time with, even the job you choose will affect your choices, the way you dress and eat, who you vote for, how you look … The energies you surround yourself with are defining and they can either be uplifting or detrimental. I have seen people take a 100% turn by choosing different friends, changing their job, leaving a partner, or getting married. Unfortunately, a change to the worse is always easier than a change to the better since positive change takes much more effort. I have seen people turn ugly and scary within months just by choosing a different job or leaving a partner that loved them dearly. How can it be that someone changes so much through the influence of other? Unfortunately, it is common, because most people do not know who they truly are deep down in their core, and therefore they are like a flag in the wind that will blow which ever way the wind blows.
Be careful who you let into your life especially before you become aware of who you are deep down in your core. Stay true to yourself!

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