She was wondering, “Maybe it’s something like midlife crisis. But I don’t see any sense nor fulfillment in my current job anymore. Or maybe my hormones are just going crazy. Whatever …” I explained to her something that will be often overlooked when people are labeled and put into the drawer of midlife crisis, “In the end, for any person who has an awareness slightly above average around 40 these questions will roll in. It’s not because we are crazy or are looking for something that doesn’t exist. At some point in our life we realize that there is just not that much time left anymore. And with that comes the resistance to waste any more time on something that doesn’t feel like we are 100% in our element. Often, what we do for living is just a necessity, and when we realize that this necessity is not improving our life the way it should then it makes no sense anymore. It makes perfect sense, and is actually a healthy discovery, yet, society once more will label it negatively, and possibly, even medicate you to keep you functioning without disturbing the daily grind and risking to wake others from their comatose life state. But every second is so precious and spending it doing something you don’t feel good about is basically suicide. Midlife crisis, self-awareness, questioning life, and looking for more is the second chance on life only some of us get. Embrace it.”

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