I could tell he had never visited my club. He wasn’t familiar with the surroundings. It was near closing time. Two, the most three more dancers would take the stage. I was going to leave the floor and change but I saw I had caught his eye right away. The young man looked at me twice then approached me right away and asked me, “I just have to say Hi to you. How much is a dance with you?” He was young. I mean very young. I could smell the sweetness on his skin. This is the sweetness of a young boy who is suppose to be an adult, but really he has been thrown into the world of the grownups too fast, it hasn’t caught up to him yet what happened.
I found out he was a soldier. One more year left to serve. My 23 year old soldier counted his money frantically in front of me. He was $2 short to afford a dance with me. He counted again. It wasn’t enough. Still too short … I grabbed him by his hand and told him, “That will do just fine.” His face lid up, and he said like a little kid would yell out receiving his favorite toy for Christmas, “Really?” Me, “Yes, let’s go.”
All night long, I had been trying to convince old, grumpy, some of them stinky fuckers that I was worthy doing a lap dance with. It gets so tiring when you have to talk to them and blah, and more blah …meanwhile it is a clear deal here, this is what we do, lap dances.
My young soldier had only looked at me twice, and between all the other girls, he had made up his mind within seconds and was set on a dance with me. Maybe, he had a thing for older women or a mommy thing, but who cares, really?
I know from my other soldier who always comes to visit when he returns from Iraq or Afghanistan how much they cherish memories. That is what they hold on to when things get gruesome. A sweet memory means so much more to a man who looks death in the eye than some guy who sits in a cubical and wipes his ass with cottonelle toilet paper daily.
It was my best dance of the night. A dance that leaves me with sweet memories as well. And sometimes, you just have to give the county a discount and do yourself a favor as well.

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