I had seen him before at my club. He wasn’t really into me, never tipped me on stage, and did dances with every girl but me. So, I was sure he wasn’t into me, and that’s completely OK. It was still early at the club, and there weren’t many guys watching the stage, and when I was called on stage I thought to myself ‘what the heck, I am going to take it easy and save my energy for later when it picks up.’
So I went up and did a little twirling and shaking, not much engaged … truly a mediocre to boring dance. But that got the fellows attention, yes, the guy who never liked me when I would pull my most amazing pole tricks on stage. He tipped me $5 to my surprise. When I got off stage to thank him for the tip he begged me, “Would you do a dance with me?” Me hiding my disbelieve, “Sure, let’s go.” All I can tell you is I have a new regular who is crazy for me.
Now you might wonder what happened. People, women as well as men, get often intimidated by skill, strength, or whatever their trigger is. And when you take that away they might fall for you just because you appear more human or more mediocre. Skill as well as beauty can be very intimidating for a man.

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