This customer type uses shaming in order to make you feel special. He will say things like, “I am only here for you. I do not wish to talk to Erica at all. I have gotten myself into a situation with her. She’s very pushy, and I cannot get rid of her.” He acts like a victim. Then when you go on stage or walk away from him because you can’t take the bullshit he’s saying anymore, and Erica sits down with him you will see that he leans in to her exactly as he leaned in to you. This guy will also think he can get away by doing secret lap dances with the girl he despises so much. And he will sneak away with you secretly when Erica is in the dressing room not to upset her for dancing with you.
Basically, what it comes down to with this guy is that he has this illness about needing to do something secretly not getting caught. But if he bad mouths one dancer he is very likely to bad mouth you as well. He is a nut! But we specialize in nuts!

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