It continues to astonish me to learn how men try to find reasons for them to get their way. One of the best lines to try to get a stripper to break the law and allow the customer to touch us is, “I am friends with the manager. He won’t mind if you let me touch you. You won’t get in trouble.”
It is interesting to me that through this expression it becomes very clear that I, the woman and the dancer, is not even participating in the equation as a person or human being. I am perceived as a rubber doll or robot who is not even asked what I want, not to mentioned I am given permission to break the law by someone who does not have the authority to do so.
Further more, there is no consideration for any of the other dancers when suggesting to get my permission to allow him to touch me — since this customer type is supposedly good friends with the manager. If one fucker touches a girl and gets away with it, all the fuckers are going to feel entitled to touch the girls. Hello, we do not offer touching no matter who you know. Keep your paws on the bench and do not suggest any law breaking ever again.

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