From counseling countless women over the years, it appears clearly to me that men seem to save the truth until after intercourse has happened. Then often bit by bit, and most of the time because they cannot manage to keep their fake facade up, the truth will seep in as if they had told it on the first date they had with you.
Here are some of the most important questions you should ask your man before you decide on whether you will corpulate or not. Please be aware that there are many more questions you should ask. These are just the essentials from my selection:
1. Are you a registered sex offender?
2. Do you have any felonies?
3. How much time did you serve in jail?
4. Do you suffer from any addictions (prescription drugs as well as gambling and video game excess included)?
5. What is your daily hygiene routine when you are not dating?
6. Do you brush your teeth regularly and how often? How many times a year do you see a dentist? (this is a question you should really ask before kissing since many gum diseases are transmitted just through kissing). And what about flossing?
7. What’s your current STD test status?
8. How many partners have you been sexually active with three months before you took the STD test and afterwards?
9. Are you currently legally married?
10. Did you vote for Trump?

Please be aware that you are not going to believe the answers to these questions. You have to read between the lines. Men lie, and often, they are so convincing because they believe their own shit. If he is profusely sweating, hemming and hawing, looking up to the left when answering, or trying to change the subject or distract from it, then your red flag goes up.
FYI, I recommend to ask the same exact questions once more before you get married.

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