This customer type thinks he is extra smart and can outsmart a stripper. One of his strategies is to sit all night and promise a dancers to do a lap dance later. He will still tip her on stage — which is nice and appreciated — but never actually go and do that lap dance. Then, when the shift is over and the lights come on, he will complain, “When will I get to see you again? I want to get to know you better. Can we do our lap dance now.” By that time it’s too late to do a lap dance, but he’s hoping the girl of his choice will break down and go home with him to do the lap dance there in the privacy and comfort of his own home.
Another strategy this type tries, is to do the lap dance when the last girl is called on stage. He thinks the one dance will get his girl so hot and bothered she won’t be able to resist to go home with him, drooling for his body, craving for him to run his sweet — often from alcohol and cigarette smoke stinky — tongue all over her exhausted body, wanting to suck … you know what, and so on and on.
This category of customers also includes another top notch stripper trickster who thinks if he comes in right before closing he will be spared the duty to tip the dancers but gets to take one home anyways since she might not have a ride, is too drunk to make decisions, had a fight with her boyfriend and is looking to get back at him by hooking up with a random stranger, or forgot where she lives, or maybe she’s homeless after all.

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