Over the Holidays I have come to a gruesome conclusion about living a cruelty free life.
Let’s start with your morning coffee. Of course you will pick organic, shade grown, possibly even fair trade. If you drink your coffee black you might be OK so far. But if you like a touch of cream in it you will be exploiting cows that are impregnated and their calves are torn away from the mother three days after birth to often be kept in horrific conditions till they are slaughtered for the veal industry, while you are drinking their mother’s milk that is truly meant to feed the calf. So let’s say you decide to pick a soy creamer or almond milk creamer. If you read the labels carefully, in most of them there’s palm oil added which is one of the biggest culprits that leads to the deforestation of our rain forest. Natural Orangutan habitat is daily destroyed so the food companies can cheapen their products by adding palm oil which is by the way harmful to your health. Did you know that most likely your chocolate candy, your cooky, your frozen pizza contains palm oil as well. Not because palm oil is necessary but because it’s a cheap replacement for quality oil like coconut oil that would actually be good for your heart and health. But let’s say you decide against the tortured cow and dead orangutan in your coffee, and you stick to coconut milk or almond milk that does not contain palm oil. You might not find an organic version of it, and there you have it again: GMOs say hello to your body, and they are responsible for the death of our precious bees. I could go on and on, but why am I even writing this post? I want to raise your awareness. As a consumer we have power. You choose what you buy. Read labels, read, read, read, and bring your magnifying glass because they sure write the ingredients list so little for some reason …
And if you don’t give a shit about the tortured cow, dead calf, orangutan, or bees, and destruction of the planet then I can only tell you from working in fitness over 18 years. Karma is a bitch, and it hits now a days faster than ever. You are what you consume, and ignorance will not spare you either. And if you live by the motto, you have to die of something, then let me tell you this: dying would be a gift to many. But living diseased and not able to die is the real torment people face who didn’t give a shit, or even worse their children pay the price for it.

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