Imagine you have a daughter. Just for a few moments I want you to be the mother or the father of a young, adult daughter. What would you do if some stranger, a woman or a man it doesn’t matter, would randomly slap your daughter’s ass? How would you feel? What would you want to do to this stranger? How would you explain to your daughter what just happened? Would you take legal action against the assaulter?
We strippers get assaulted on every shift. It is common. But because we are the third kind it seems to be OK. There’s no law to protect us — and who would believe a dirt stripper anyways? Our asses get slapped on stage by men as well as women. I have seen girls tear up from the pain of the slap — and that was just the expression of their physical pain. They try to stick dollar bills into our panties (frankly, money is one of the dirtiest things in the world, and you’re trying to put it on my crotch or naked ass), they grope our boobs, ask us bluntly to suck their cock, make out with them, have sex with them now, go home with them … things people would never say to anybody else but they say it to us strippers.
There’s no protecting for us. Even if the bouncer does step in the assault already happened. On the other hand, if we break the rules, if we come too close, say something you don’t like to hear we get fired or even end up in jail for soliciting.
The next time you slap a stripper’s ass, assault her, grope her, laugh at her when she tells you it’s not OK, think about that daughter of yours that might get assaulted down the line because people like you disrespect humanity. I am someone’s daughter too. Strippers are humans.

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