I have worked with several different strip club DJs during my career as a dancer. It appears that you always have to break in your DJ. Only once in my career I met a man who instantly understood that each dancer’s song choice was based on what turns her on, and that when she’s turned on she will give her best performance. Other than that, there’s always the fight about your song, the DJ not wanting to play your music, and him making clear that he holds the power — which he does. But what kind of power is it in the first place to decide over a silly song. Really? You are the song dictator?
Another trick the DJs play is skipping new dancers. They think you will tip them better at the end of the shift if they show you their power by not putting you up on stage, and you have to buy yourself their liking. It is extremely annoying and doesn’t even make sense to me. If he skips me I won’t tip him. Very simple. But I guess this lame ‘not putting you up on stage trick’ works with some dancers.
And of course, then there’s some DJs that think that their job can get them sexual favors from dancers — these types are truly disgusting, yet, deep down I pity them since they must be horrible lovers and have to use their job position to get some.
As for me, after I have been through the DJ break in several times, I am just annoyed and bored with it, and I try to make sure that I get my same, old DJ at every shift I work. And if another DJ has to fill in then let the games begin again …

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