Dear beloved customers,
Please don’t get mad at us dancers when we talk to other customers and try to hassle for private dances. Remember we are at work, and if you don’t give us enough money to talk to you and spend time with you to make it worth our time we are forced to walk away no matter how great you are.
Please don’t forget our expenses are high just to even make it to the dance floor. We have to purchase makeup, costumes, lingerie, nail polish, stilettos … to keep things entertaining for you. Some of us take dance or even pole dancing lessons to steadily improve our skills and make you continuously happy with a better show. We have travel expenses — some of us even own a car, and you know how expensive that gets. We are also independent contractors and pay a house fee to even be allowed to dance at our club. And these are just the few immediate costs to consider.
I am sure you wouldn’t put up with a job that costs you more than what you earn?! So why should we strippers just because you are a nice guy?
With much love,
Yours Jones

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