I’ve met a few producers as well as book agents in the strip club during my years of stripping. Let’s talk about the producers today. All of them were very interested in my book, they admired how well written it is, and all of them wanted to produce my story into either a film or TV series, possibly both till they found out their promises and big plans for me even as the star of my own story — because who else could play Jones — wouldn’t get them into my panties. When sex with me was out of the question, and I had victoriously defeated the casting couch, my story all of a sudden became “not screen worthy.” But some of them still wanted to help me with this project or another if  “we could become friends …” They wanted to still team up with me on some type of project. Whatever that is suppose to mean.
Interestingly enough, I have only heard the “not screen worthy” comment from men. How can anybody say to any woman her true life struggle isn’t screen worthy? Every woman’s journey is screen worthy, sadly most women do not manage to put their incredible story on paper, because many of them are too busy trying to survive, tend to their family, their children, or life is just too much, or they are too busy supporting their producer husband’s career and fame.
But every woman has a screen worthy story, and the sooner the male dominated film industry understands this the more good movies with female leads will hit the box office.
Long live Geena Davis, and her Hollywood women empowerment crusade.

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