Often, the strip club brings things directly to the point and reveals how men really thinks. In the strip club, the women that work there aren’t looked at as human beings. We are often treated like cattle, in the best case scenario like show horses.
It is interesting to watch how men react to different dancers. When a man doesn’t like a girl’s look he will react as if she’s a threat to him. It sometimes feels as if she’s a treat to him like a sick animal that could contract a disease to humans — although, I believe every diseased animal deserves loving care. But in the club it comes down to the basics, and the club brings out who lives dormant inside of each man. Some men reveal that they have it in them to treat their own ugly daughter badly while they would respect their pretty child. Most men don’t understand that strippers are still human beings no matter what size breast they have, what shape their butt is, and what age they are.
The club toughens you. It brings it down to the point and brings out what most men try to hide about themselves.

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