I have been teaching fitness for eighteen years now. As a fitness instructor I have to be certified. There is an insurance issue but it also proves your qualification as a teacher. Of course, during my career as a teacher I have participated in many teacher training programs, and I hold many different certification that will give me a gold star. However, to be very honest these certifications mean nothing to me. I need them in order to work, but in my opinion, they do not tell anything about my qualification as a teacher. Now a days, you can get certified within a weekend. Anybody can participate as long as they pay — often a horrendously overpriced fee. Some of the participants of teacher training programs ask me, “How can I teach something I just learned?” These are the safe, and aware teachers that are coming out of these random programs, but these are also the minority. Just because you can do a move well doesn’t mean you can actually teach others how to do it.
I find teacher training — no matter what style or discipline you choose — compares to Navy Seal training. These programs are not intended to make you a qualified, responsible teacher who uses their own brain to actually teach. It seems they want to physically and mentally break you so you submit to their program making it the one and only till death do you part. It’s a brain wash. Nobody can learn how to be a teacher in two days. No matter how many certifications you hold it really doesn’t tell much about your skill as a teacher, the skill to make it all about your students (which means selflessly giving, with no ego involved, giving, giving, giving…). It doesn’t guarantee knowledge about anatomy, psychological skill to connect with each student no matter what they bring into the room.

I have been teaching for almost two decades now. With each class and student I learn more, and I become a better teacher and person. My journey as a teacher is young, and I am very humble admitting I have so much more to learn. Teaching is a skill and a tool that can go both ways. You can literally kill someone (in spirit or even physically by not being a good, intuitive teacher) or you can uplift, empower, and change lives. It takes selfless dedication to teach, and you shouldn’t be the star of the class who can do things the best. You should be the one who guides your students to be their best, and nobody teaches you that in these from nowhere popping up teacher programs that are taught by people who mostly only think of their method being their tool to making good money for themselves. The guru stature they place upon themselves defeats the most important aspect of being a good teacher: loving your students and wanting them to achieve success.
Be aware that if someone promises to make you a qualified teacher within a few days of taking some intensive, copy written course it’s a rip off. Remember, whenever something appears to be too good to be true, it is …

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