Dear beloved customer,
As you are most likely aware off — or not — we are currently in the middle of cold and flu season. Please be considerate and do not come to the club when you think you are sick or might be getting sick, when you’re snot and phlegm ridden, when you have a stomach flu, diarrhea, are vomiting, coughing, sneezing, or running a fever. We do love you and feel for you but we do love our own health more, and we are fully aware of how epidemics are spread. Keep your germs in the safety of your own house and home, and just know, if your wife doesn’t want to come near you because you’re influenza or menfluenza ridden, we as well don’t wish to spend time with you.
We recommend you drink plenty of hot fluids, stay in bed as much as you can, drink green juices and wait till your bug passes so we can all continue to have soon fun together again.
Get well soon,
Much Love

Yours Jones

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