The first thing he told me right after he introduced himself to me was, “I asked this girl at another bar for her phone number but she didn’t give it to me. But hey, it’s hard to ask for a phone number, and I did it.” I just shook my heard not really knowing where he was going with this. He continued just knowing me for less than five minutes, “I would ask you for your phone number too but you’re probably not going to give it to me.” He was right, I would not give this man my phone number. Two minutes later, after saying hello to our waitress, he whispered into my ear, “I am going to ask her for her phone number. But not yet. Little later.”
This man isn’t very selective. He treats dating like a sales man. He thinks the more Nos he gets the closer he will come to a yes. He also thinks the more phone numbers he has collected the greater his chance of getting laid. And that might well be true, however, his problem is, that he outs himself by telling every girl that he’s trying to get another girl’s phone number, any girls phone number. He doesn’t even care whose phone number he gets as long as he gets the phone number. Not a very appealing candidate!

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