I have discovered that there are two types of men when it comes to communication with women:
Type 1: He’s the type who doesn’t talk much, has delayed or no response to text, emails or phone calls. His replies are minimal and inconclusive. He’s often mistaken for the unavailable mystery man.
Type 2: He talks a lot. He goes on and on, chews your ear off. He sends page long emails, wants constant text contact, he replies to a simple question you ask him with an entire verbal or written novel. He keeps talking, writing, and trying to communicate, and he explains everything and all.
Both of these types are lacking to simply express what they want and feel. Type 1 covers it up by acting busy and stingy with words, while Type 2 floods you with words that don’t really say much either. Both types are confused about themselves and are horrible communicators. Type 1 might be less dangerous to the average woman since he might be aware of his inability but some women might fall for him since he seems to be the unreachable, cool macho. Type 2 — and I find this more concerning — is convinced he knows how to communicate and thinks he knows how to talk to women and what they want and need. And a lot of women will fall for his river of blahhhh meanwhile he’s not at all who he pretends to be.
We find both of these types in the strip club. They seek help from us strippers trying to figure out how to bring things to the point and say what they really want. They are both confused about words.

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