I am not a very politically involved person. I rarely speak up about things that happen in the world. I would call myself an animal activist rather than an activist that fights for human rights. I also know that this is a stripper blog. I try to keep things inspiring, entertaining, sexy, wicked, and upbeat but today I cannot keep my mouth shut. Maybe, because ever since I have been born I cared about the Native Americans. I always tried to sing like them, I wanted my mother to braid my hair the way I thought they braid them, I was fascinated by their culture, their oneness with nature, their intuition, and wisdom. I tried to find out more about them, and growing up in Europe that isn’t really the norm. I dreamed about being a medicine woman before I even knew there were medicine women. I had visions about the valleys they lived in with trees that had cotton ball like flowers growing on them. I wanted to ride a Mustang bare back. I never wanted to be a cowboy but I was convinced somewhere deep inside I was a Native myself. Maybe, some motherfucking pilgrim killed me back then, and I was reincarnated as a white woman. Who knows …
In 1998 I went to the reservations, and the shock how the white man has treated the Natives still sits deep in my bones. But I was happy that this was history, and we left it all behind. I thought things will get better for the Native Americans. To learn this year nothing was left behind. History is repeating itself, and the world is letting it happen. You won’t hear it on the news and many people have no idea what the North Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing Rock even means. Obama doesn’t seem to give a shit and protesters are being treated like the white man treated the Native’s Buffalo, Mustangs, and the Natives back then. But when the world doesn’t speak out I have to open my big, beautiful stripper mouth.
America doesn’t need another pipeline. America should invest into wind and solar power. America should be the leading example when it comes to global warming, climate change, water preservation, and any environmental issues. However, if there’s another pipeline build, which will affect all of our water resources and the water resources of our children, then it needs to run through the pools, gardens, and children’s playground of the motherfuckers who are going to cash in on this pipeline. Leave the promised land alone.
Please, if you don’t know much about Standing Rock google it and donate to help the water protectors of North Dakota.

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